This SP Method models the path that Dylan used to launch his amazing big time agency by developing his relationship with his first SP, Brett.


Personal Brand Building Campaign

● 10,000 Organic Instagram Followers,

● Public Relations Press Tour with articles in over 100 publications/sites,

● Professionally designed website, logo

● Many extra “goodies”

On Demand Education Stack (6 courses, 20 hours, Lifetime)

● Mindset Building

● SP Method Overview (Finding your first SP)

● Business 101

● Deal Flow

● Authority Development

● Scaling Up (Leveraging multiple SPs)

Mastermind Mentoring Sessions

● Senior Partner’s Strategic Analysis

●Senior Partner’s Tactical Consulting

● Industry Giant Fireside Chats

● Relevance Training/Emerging Trends

● SP Blue Sky Sessions

Big TIme Fulfillment

● Home Office Support

● Full Access Digital Marketing Suite 

● Start Big In-Sourcing Center 

● Home Office Toolbox